I had no idea what a 14er was until I moved to Colorado. These are mountain peaks over 14,000 feet high and Colorado has over 50 of them. Here's how to find them.

It all started when I a saw a friend from college post on Facebook that they had hiked their "fourth 14er of the day." I thought they meant 14 miles and wow 14 x 4 = a LOT of miles. Come to find out that's not what it meant at all. A 14er is a mountain peak over 14,000 feet in elevation.

Where are these magical mountains? The answer to that is: all over Colorado. There are 58 here in the beautiful state of Colorado. The highest is Mt. Elbert which stands 14,400 feet high.

Here on the Western Slope, the closest 14ers are:

  • Mt Sneffels - 14,150 ft - 2 and a half hours
  • Capitol Peak - 14,130 ft - 2 and a half hours
  • Snow Mass Mountain - 14,099 ft - 2 hours and forty-five minutes
  • Wilson Peak - 14,017 - 2 hours and forty-five minutes
  • Wetterhorn Peak - 14,015 - 2 hours and forty-five minutes

If you're looking for a 14er, check out 14ers.com to see a complete list of Colorado's 14er mountains.

14ers and Where to Find Them in Colorado
14er.com via Google Maps

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