No one will ever accuse this mountain coaster of not being exciting enough. One rider was shocked as they crested a hill recently that there were 3 bears waiting on the track at the bottom.

This video originally shared by a witness on TikTok was reported on by KSDK with video report by WBIR. Here's their story:

If you'd like to see the original TikTok version, it includes the play-by-play of the incident.

This happened at a mountain theme park near Gatlinburg called Anakeesta. The employees at the park are familiar with the bear and have named her Anna. She has not been known to be aggressive toward visitors and just appeared curious about what the rider was up to.

All's well that ends well as the mama bear and her cubs moved off the tracks before the rider got too close. Wonder what excitement rating that rider gave the coaster once their ride was over?

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