Do you happen to recall Grand Junction's "Branding Iron" lounge on Orchard Mesa? It was located in the "basement" of the complex right on the corner of 27 Road and Highway 50. A number of great Country bands played there over the years. A couple of them chose to put their memories of the Branding Iron to music. Take a moment to remember the "Branding Iron" with this musical tribute.

Songwriters Mark Shortess and Ronnie Reed played their fair share of nights at the Branding Iron. They decided to sit down and put memories to music. Take a listen.

"Branding Iron"

Mark Shortess & Ronnie Reed

Over the years, bands like The Grand Junction All-Stars, Rumor Hazzit, Shot Gun, Ralph N' Clyde, Little Junior, and a handful of others played the Branding Iron. The bar ran live bands Thursday through Sunday night. Of course, Sunday night offered the infamous "Jam Night," which frequently featured some of your favorite George Strait tunes performed courtesy of Alice.

The "Branding Iron" closed down a number of years ago. A bar operating under a different name is currently doing business at that location.