There are plenty of reasons why some people wouldn't want to live in Colorado, but there are a lot of compelling reasons why many of us are lucky to call the Centennial state home.

The Good and Bad of Colorado

I've lived in Colorado for 39 years which means I've seen all of the good and the bad that comes with living here. I don't wear rose-colored glasses, but there's really nowhere else in the country I would rather live.

We could talk about the problems we have traveling across the state whether it's dealing with road closures due to icy roads, avalanches, blizzards, and accidents during the Colorado winter. or taking detours in the summer because of wildfires, mudslides, and road construction. No doubt about it those inconveniences can be maddening and frustrating.

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Reasons to Not Live in Colorado

Some people may avoid Colorado because of its liberal views on politics and social issues. Others may stay away because it's too cold or there's too much snow. Fact is, some of the reasons why people avoid Colorado are the very reasons many of us choose to live here.

What Are Your Reasons?

Your list of reasons to live in Colorado undoubtedly would be different than my compelling list in the gallery below. Your list may include:

Sometimes, living in Colorado is great because of what it has, and sometimes it's because of what it doesn't. Regardless of what your list looks like, I believe living in Colorado is a great privilege and I have no less than 20 compelling reasons to share why we are so lucky to live in the great state of Colorado.

Don't Complain: 20 Compelling Reasons We're Lucky To Live in Colorado

They say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence - or at least it appears that way. It is so easy for people who have lived in Colorado a long time to lose sight of all the great things about Colorado. So, with that in my mind, I offer these 20 compelling reasons why we are so lucky to live in Colorado.

25 Colorado Towns You Should Visit at Least Once

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