For the first time in years, I encountered wild horses on the way to Mt. Garfield's summit. Spare yourself the hike and check out a couple of photos.

I haven't seen wild horses on the Bookcliffs in over three years. To date, I've only encountered them once while making the hike up Mt. Garfield. That wouldn't be a big deal, but I make this climb several times per month.

Last Saturday evening, life gifted me with a four-hour window during which I didn't have to be anywhere. Lookout Mt. Garfield, here I come. On the way up, a couple of hikers mentioned they had seen horses. During the climb, the horses and I didn't cross paths. On the way down, though, our routes converged.

Midway down the trail, I spotted them at the plateau just east of Mt. Garfield. This is almost the same spot where I encountered horses three years ago. There were two horses, both hanging out just west of the trail.

Waylon Jordan

I like to let things be. Why not just admire from afar? In this case, though, they were only a few feet from the trail. Oddly, or least strange in my mind, they didn't mind my passing by. They gave me a look, and then like most people and things, ignored me.

Check out the video below. This was shot from the point when I first spotted them. Okay, so it's a long way away. It seemed best to leave them alone. Check out the tan-colored horse rolling on the ground at right.

It made my weekend to spot horses on the Bookcliffs again. It's probably no big deal, and not that uncommon, but I certainly enjoyed it. If you get a chance, make the hike. The time is right. Temperatures are perfect, the weather is cooperating, and you still have plenty of daylight hours available.