A proposal from the Colorado Department of Transportation would transform a well-traveled Mesa County Highway into a four-lane road.

The proposal is for CO 141B out of Clifton, also known as 32 Road.

CDOT's proposal would expand the two-lane highway to four lanes from D Road to B 1/2 road to "alleviate congestion and improve safety."

That stretch of road includes turns offs to Corn Lake, C and C 1/2 Roads out to East Orchard Mesa, and B 1/2 Road which connects to 29 Road, and ultimately to Highway 50.

The project is part of a 10-year development plan that could be implemented as funding becomes available, so it doesn't appear to be something happening right away. The CDOT fact sheet says the project is a way to proactively alleviate congestion that is forecasted over the next 20 years.

The benefits of expanding CO141B to four lanes over this stretch are pretty obvious, especially those related to driver safety. Fortunately, there are some turning lanes already in place on this stretch, however, left turns off the highway can be problematic and a safety hazard.

The estimated cost of the proposal is $24.1 million and whether it will actually ever become reality remains to be seen.

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