We asked and western Colorado has spoken in overwhelming fashion saying Colorado should repeal the death penalty.

Colorado is one of 30 states that allow capital punishment.  Only three men sit on Colorado's death row and only one person has been put to death by the state in the last 50 years. Yet, the idea of repealing Colorado's death penalty seems to be a hot topic whenever the legislature is in session.

So we asked the question. Should Colorado repeal the death penalty? The response was tremendous and the result of the poll was a resounding yes. Nearly 97% of those responding said Colorado should do away with the death penalty. I did not expect the results to be so one-sided.

Some people would say 'an eye for an eye." You take a life, it's going to cost you your life. Others would say killing is wrong no matter what the circumstances. Some object because of the fact that sometimes innocent people end up in jail and on death row. Supporters would say capital punishment is a great legal bargaining tool to help solve crimes and to get information from convicted criminals.

Whether or not the Colorado legislature will attempt to tackle this issue again as it has in the past remains to be seen. But, one thing is certain. Western Colorado says it's time for the state to do away with capital punishment.

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