Gov. Jared Polis has called for an investigation of the Colorado Springs Police Department shooting of De'Von Bailey. Baily was shot while running from police and reaching into his waste-band where a gun was later found.

Polis said this to the AP News:

“Our nation is grappling with difficult challenges concerning race and how we treat one another,” the governor said. “It is more important now at this moment in time that our law enforcement agencies go above and beyond to maintain public trust and confidence.”

Mari Newman, the Bailey family lawyer says the police lied when they said De'Von was reaching for a gun. He calls the investigation by the police dept "biased" in a statement released Wednesday.

Bailey was stopped by police when they got a call about 2 men with guns in the area. Baily initially stopped for the officer, but then started to run when another officer was walking up behind him to frisk him. The initial officer is seen on bodycam video telling Bailey "hands up!" multiple times before opening fire on Baily who is seen reaching for his waist band where a gun was found.

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