A woman was recently arrested for running a massage parlor in Colorado at which it has been alleged that there were more than just massages going on there. In fact, the woman has been accused of running what some may consider a prostitution ring out of the massage parlor, giving customers more than just back rubs.

However, there is a twist to this story, as the police officer that caught the 'madame' used tactics that involved sexual activity which would be considered highly unethical to many.

The massage parlor in question is located in Security, Colorado, and while the alleged madame has yet to be named, she is being accused of not only providing unlawful sexual acts to customers but also recruiting young women to provide these sexual acts to those willing to pay extra for them.

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The massage parlor in question is called the Sutra Healing Center and is located in El Paso County, the same county as Colorado Springs.

The law enforcement officer that took on the case, Detective Trey White, allegedly busted the operation open but is now under scrutiny because of the way he did it. White allegedly participated in some of the sexual acts unlawfully provided by the massage parlor in order to incriminate the establishment.

However, this method of investigation puts White at risk of facing charges of soliciting prostitution himself.

As of now, White is still employed with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, a job he has had for roughly 16 years, but an internal investigation into these actions is currently underway.


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