There never seems to be a shortage of people trying to connect with someone, and here are 10 humorous missed connections from Craigslist in western Colorado.

The way people try to make a connection with total strangers never ceases to amaze me. Are they just so lonely that they are looking for a relationship with every smile they encounter during the day?

I guess it doesn't hurt to ask, but looking for love on Craiglist doesn't seem to me to be the most efficient and productive way to find a lasting relationship. Of course, I realize there are plenty of people who are looking for something besides a lasting relationship.

And then there's the idea that just maybe you are the subject of one of these missed connections. I can hear the song now, 'You're so vain, you probably think this ad is about you..."

  • Man in White Dump Truck

    "I seen you looking at me I was in a white car passed by you twice this afternoon and your hot. Tell me what color shirt I had on."

  • "Ba-ba-BINH!!!"

    "That's what you were saying to the person you were wrestling with (humoring?) inside City Market a couple of hours ago as I was walking out the door. I was that guy with the blue sweatshirt on the way out who couldn't stop looking at you."

  • You in Orange Subaru

    "We traded smiles and waves today in traffic. I was hoping you'd pull in next to me as you left. Beautiful, just beautiful."

  • Girl on Arlington Wearing Purple and Knee High Boots

    "Saw you today on my way home walking on Arlington , you're probably taken but worth asking you your name maybe more. If this is you, you should really try to find me."

  • Olivia

    "You'll never see this. You'll never care I don't think. I wish I hadn't run. I wish I'd made you mine. I miss being there, I'm just meant to wander. I guess that's what I was meant to do. Will you wander with me? Can we get lost under the stars somewhere?"

  • Older Blonde at Safeway

    "You were checking out around 10:30 a.m. as I was leaving the store. I was admiring your natural beauty when our eyes met, I smiled and you smiled back, I know this is a long shot but please email me and tell me which Safeway it was and what color my hat was."

  • Cute Girl

    "Cute girl at Chuck E Cheese.If you see this say hi. I wish I could see you again.U r so beautiful"

  • Red Hair, Blue Shirt

    "I've never seen someone so deeply hot and attractive. I wanted a chance to at least talk to you but I had to run another errand and couldn't stick around the store."

  • Safeway Pharmacy

    "We were waiting in line you had lots of strawberries. Let's get some chocolate and whip cream to go with the fruit."

  • Delta Walmart

    "Gentlemen in produce all you had in your cart was a huge bag of spuds, and several packages of some kind of sausages or brats or hot were wearing jeans black jacket and hat. We smiled more than once at one another."

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