The Grand Junction Police Department is warning residents to use extra caution after several reports of pickpocket thefts in the area.

Grand Junction Police say the thieves are using professional pickpocket techniques including distraction, and bumping into their targets to steal wallets.

The primary targets are women who's purses are open, not closely attended, or hanging from a chair while shopping or dining.

According to several reports, women were victims of the theft even with their purses next to them. Reports indicate in all thefts the purses were open.

Victims of the thefts have reported several thousand dollars in loss as those involved quickly use the stolen cash and credit cards to make fraudulent purchases.

The Grand Junction Police Department advises women to keep their purse closed at all times anywhere in public, especially while shopping and be keenly aware that there are professionals looking for an opportunity to lift their wallet.

If you are a victim of a theft or have information that could help police find and identify the people and/or vehicle pictured, you are asked to call the Grand Junction Police Department at 970-242-6707.

Information can also be given anonymously through Crime Stoppers of Mesa County 970-241-7867 or via the Crime Stoppers website.

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