One of the coolest things in nature is to see a bear in the wild.

Bears are beautiful and fascinating creatures and they present an extreme paradox. Often times they look so cute and cuddly, but the reality is they are wild, dangerous, and deadly.

We've All Seen Bears, But This Is Different

No doubt you have seen bears in a zoo or a drive-thru wildlife park. We've all seen countless videos of mischievous bears wreaking havoc in somebody's house or car or exploring a neighborhood in search of food. But, there's something very different about seeing a bear in its natural habitat.

Wyoming Is A Great Place To See Bears

One of the most popular places in the nation to view bears in the wild is just a day's drive from Colorado. Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are known for their bears, and thousands of visitors flock to the parks every year to try and get a glimpse of a bear. But it's not just that simple.

Where's the Bear?

It's not like the bears are just out in the open posing for tourists. There's not even any guarantee that you will see any bears.  Sometimes you have to be lucky, sometimes it helps to know where to look, and sometimes you can just look for the big line of cars stopped alongside the road. That tells you there most likely has been a bear sighting.


10 Photos of Bears I Saw In the Wild

I was privileged to take a trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park with guys that have been there before to look for bears. That experience paid huge dividends. I am nowhere close to being a professional photographer, but getting these bear shots was a huge thrill.

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