A petition aimed at ending Denver's annual 4/20 pot rally has been launched.

The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian  University launched the petition following what it calls "rampant unenforced public pot smoking, and trashing of a public park."

The petition reads in part

"The 4/20 rally also creates series safety problems. Gun shots took place nearby, a knife attack took place at the event, and attendees pushed down a security fence to gain access to the rally.

“It is clear from this event that organizers do not have the safety and well-being of Denver residents in mind. They allow for the flagrant violation of the law, the trashing of Civic Center Park, and do not provide adequate security for event attendees.

“We hereby ask that Denver Mayor Michael Hancock terminate future 4/20 rallies in the city of Denver."

According to Jeff Hunt, Vice President of Public Policy at CCU and director of the institute, there was smoking of pot on the main stage, even though police were present, and organizers had placed signs out with warnings about public pot smoking, which remains illegal.

It seems doubtful the petition will grow legs, considering the popularity of legalized recreational pot in Colorado and the direction the state seems to be moving on that front. The legislature supports it, Colorado voters have chosen it, and more and more cities and towns are opening the gate to recreational dispensaries.

While it is currently illegal to smoke pot publicly, it's only a matter of time until that restriction is lifted. Just wait and see. The 4/20 rally in Denver is not going anywhere, and the day is coming when we'll see a similar event in Grand Junction. I'm certainly not hoping for it, but there's no stopping it.

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