If you are looking to spot a bald eagle, or 50, your best bet is to head to Barr Lake. Colorado photographer, Cathy Nastick, captured a photo of a total of 53 bald eagles at Barr Lake on January 17.

Credit: Cathy Nastick Facebook

Barr Lake State Park in Brighton is famous for the population of bald eagles that can be seen this time of year. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, this is the time of year that bald eagles are in the process of courtship and nest building. The laying of eggs will occur in mid-February and the eggs will hatch in mid to late March.

Credit: Cathy Nastick Facebook

If you would like to see the many bald eagles at Barr Lake, here are a few tips:

  • Bring binoculars
  • Viewing is best done in the morning hours.
  • Stay on designated trails as bald eagles are sensitive to human activity.
  • Make a stop at the nature center to see the bald eagle display.
  • Be sure to have a park pass for your vehicle.
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