There's a new and super convenient way to test for your driver's permit here in Colorado.

According to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, applicants no longer need to test in person for their driving permit, and can simply do it online.

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Where Can I Take the Driving Knowledge (Permit) Test in Colorado?

Before the introduction of the new @Home Driving Knowledge Test, Coloradans needed to visit their local DMV or attend a driving school in order to test for their permit.

However, the @Home Driving Knowledge Test is able to be taken anywhere, as long as you have a computer with access to the internet and a webcam. That means you can now skip the long lines, numerous appointments, and expensive driving schools.

Photos will be taken randomly throughout the test to prevent fraud and cheating.  DMV licensing technicians will review the photographs during the follow-up appointment when the permit is issued.

How Much Is the @Home Driving Knowledge (Permit) Test in Colorado?

The @Home Driving Knowledge test in Colorado is free for your first attempt, although there is a $5 testing fee and $1.50 credit card processing fee, totaling $6.50.

If you do not pass the first time you will be charged $11.15 for subsequent tests in addition to the $5 testing fee and $1.50 credit card processing fee, totaling $17.65. The testing fee and credit card processing fee are not collected by the state, but by the vendor.

If you take the permit test in person, the first two test attempts are free.

Things You Need to Know About the @Home Driving Knowledge Test in Colorado

If you decide to take your Colorado permit test online, you can test up to twice a day.

Those under the age of 19 will need someone 19 years old or older to register as a proxy for the exam. The proxy and the test taker will both receive the results of the test.

After completing and passing an @Home Driving Knowledge Test, permit seekers should schedule a visit to a state driver's license office to get an instruction permit.

Coloradans can schedule an appointment after completing their exam at

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