I'm not sure what I just watched. It's one of the most popular videos on the internet right now and it involves a young deer fawn eating Cheez-Its. Yes, it's really that strange.

I first saw this trending on Facebook thanks to a share by 9GAG.

Here's the original video as found on TikTok.

Oh, it gets even better (or maybe worse depending on your viewpoint). He also has a very unique video showing the fawn wearing tiny clogs and riding a skateboard.

I don't recommend Googling "deer eating Cheez-Its" even though I did. It led me to a discovery that this deer loving Cheez-Its thing is not new. WRAL did a story on a guy who was feeding this snack to a buck visiting his front door.

It's official, 2020. I'm checking out now. You won. I'm done.

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