Are you looking to purchase a new home? Are you looking to buy a new town? There's a small town, a former military base, for sale just 120 south of Colorado. You should buy it.

This is your chance to own a piece of history, along with a number of residential dwellings, a trading post, and a few gas pumps. Wouldn't it be great to own a small town? Don't take my word for it. Take a closer look.

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The Deal of the Century (the 1800s, that is)

The thriving metropolis known as 286 NM 400, Gallup, New Mexico, 87301, a.k.a Bear Springs Enterprises, is on the market. It could be yours for the low, low price of $11,000,000.

Founded in 1867, this former military base is now a national historic site recognized by the State of New Mexico. According to, the old fort "...has been a residence to former Generals, Buffalo Soldiers, and Navajo code, talkers."

A plaque on the property reads:

FORT WINGATE: The first Fort Wingate was established near San Rafael in 1962, to serve as the base of Col. Kit Carson's campaigns against the Navajos. In 1968 the garrison was transferred to the second Fort Wingate near Gallup. In that same year, the Navajos returned here after their imprisonment at Fort Sumner.

Property Details

This listing features:

  • 62 bedrooms
  • 42 full baths
  • 18 acres
  • 7 garage spaces
  • 44,000 total square feet
  • RV hookups
  • Playground
  • Workshop

Things To Do In The Area

If you were to own this base/town, you could take advantage of easy access to the Cibola National Forest and Mcgaffey Lake.

People Who've Actually Owned 'Towns'

Do you remember back in 1989 when Kim Basinger joined forces with family members and a handful of pension fund investors to purchase the town of Braselton, Georgia?

According to, back in 2001, Johnny Depp purchased Gassin, a 37-acre hamlet in Saint-Tropez.

Just Down The Road From Colorado shows this property to be located in Gallup, New Mexico. Google Maps shows it being in Fort Wingate, New Mexico. Per Google Maps, Fort Wingate is 15 miles east of downtown Gallup. Either Way, That puts it roughly 120 miles from the Colorado/New Mexico state line, and 150 miles south of Cortez, Colorado.

Waylon's Obligatory Disclaimer

I am not a realtor, nor am I affiliated with the listing agent, the current owners, or the property highlighted here. Put simply, I'm a smalltime slum lord, I mean landlord, and own a few income properties in Grand Junction. From time to time an opportunity such as this catches my eye, suggesting it may be of interest to you.

Own This Former Military Base and Town in New Mexico

Have you ever thought about owning a town? Why not? Johnny Depp bought one. This former military base is on the market for the low, low price of $11,000,000. You'll find it roughly 120 miles south of the Colorado/New Mexico state line. Take a quick tour.

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