Are you planning a trip to New Mexico? Here's something to consider before making the journey.

According to CBSN Denver, the state of New Mexico is enforcing mandatory self-quarantine for most out-of-state travelers coming to the state. It doesn't matter if you enter New Mexico by land or air. The mandatory self-quarantine is set at 14 days or the length of stay in New Mexico, whichever is shorter.

Be sure to bring your face mask. According to CBSN Denver, Face coverings are required for all visitors and residents in New Mexico. There are exceptions, but not many. You can remove your face mask when:

  • eating
  • drinking
  • exercising
  • under medical instruction

What if you don't wear a mask? That could cost you a $100 fine.

Are there any exceptions? According to the travel advisory posted at, as of June 1, 20202, the public health order was amended to provide the following exemptions to the 14-day self-quarantine requirement

  • airline employees on travel for work
  • individuals performing public safety or public health functions
  • emergency first responders
  • health care workers
  • military personnel
  • individuals employed by a federal agency or a national defense contractor
  • individuals arriving in New Mexico pursuant to a court order
  • individuals traveling to New Mexico to conduct business activities

Does anyone know why there is a distinction between traveling to New Mexico as a tourist versus visiting the state for "business activities"? Visiting New Mexico to conduct business makes the list of exemptions.

Barely a week ago I found myself only about 35 miles from the New Mexico state line. A trip was taken to Mesa Verde National Park to scatter my parent ashes. I know, probably totally illegal, but it was my parents' final wish. Mesa Verde is only 69 miles from Farmington, New Mexico.

Put simply, if you visit New Mexico anytime soon, be ready to engage in a self-quarantine. Personally, I haven't crossed the Colorado/New Mexico state line since the last time I played Farmington, and that was sometime back around 1996.

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