It's not that anyone is putting on their combat boots and shining up their musket, but there is some dispute over which state - Colorado or New Mexico is the green chile king.

New Mexico is well-known for its chile peppers, which are a huge part of that state's culture and history. You see images of peppers on road signs and recently on New Mexico license plates after the state learned that Colorado had plans for a Pueblo chile license plate.

Red and green chile peppers are a staple in the New Mexico diet, and the people there are serious about their peppers. They even go so far as to certify their chiles as being grown in New Mexico.

Then there's Colorado. A few years ago, the mayor of Denver made a Super Bowl, offering Denver's amazing green chile. You probably didn't even know that Denver had amazing green chile.

Pueblo is known for growing peppers, and the folks there are extremely proud of what they have.there. Their tourism logo has images of chile peppers, which are a big part of the lives of a lot of people in southern Colorado.

But, here's the deal. New Mexico has about 8,000 acres of chile peppers, while Colorado can only boast of about 700 acres. And, the truth is, the real king of the chile pepper is Mexico with nearly 100,000 acres being farmed.

The folks in New Mexico seem to be a little sensitive about the subject of chile peppers and they believe theirs are the best - and maybe they are. But as far as I'm concerned, if you have seen one chile pepper you've seen them all.

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