Vaping in Colorado is about to change.

The Colorado legislature this year passed legislation that will change the way Coloradoans vape in public places. The new law prohibits indoor vaping in most public places.

Smoking indoors in most public places is already prohibited by the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, and vaping will now be included in the restriction.

The new law also will increase the minimum distance from public entrances where people can smoke or vape to 25 feet.

It's all about trying to eliminate second-hand smoke and the hazards associated with it

Everybody has the right to smoke if they want to, but those that don't also have a right to not be exposed to what the Colorado Department of Public Health calls "cancer-causing chemicals."

You know, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago you'd walk into a restaurant and they'd say "smoking or non-smoking," but, yet, in another way it seems like so long ago. But, times sure change.

The 60s gave us bicycle banana seats, Barbie dolls, and bell bottoms, in the 70s it was disco, roller skates, and pet rocks. Today, it's superhero movies, iPhones, brownies, and vaping.

Colorado high school students are vaping twice as much as the national average and it's believed that strong smoke-free policies will make it less likely that young people will start smoking.

Regardless of the age of the vaper, starting Monday, vaping is going to be a no-no in most public places.

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