It's been 7 years since the driver's license for the state of Colorado was re-designed, but a new one is finally here.

According to a press release from the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, the brand new designs for the Colorado driver's license have been chosen and will be rolling out this year.

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Iconic Colorado Contest for New Driver License Design

On August 17, 2020, the Colorado DMV launched the Iconic Colorado contest in order to find a new design for the Colorado driver's license.

This is what the last Colorado driver's license looks like.

Colorado DMV
Colorado DMV

At the time of the contest announcement, Governor Polis stated:

"These cards should be beautiful, a credit to our state, and a point of pride for all Coloradans and to make that happen we need help from our deep pool of talented creators.”

The contest was free to enter and each participant was able to submit up to three entries. Each entry was required to be the participant’s original artwork.

New Colorado Driver License Design Winners

After receiving over 400 entries and narrowing down the selection, three finalists were chosen by, "a committee that included motor vehicle administrators, artists, and Gov. Polis. with a final, public vote on the top three designs."

Over 55,000 Coloradoans cast their vote and two winners were chosen. Photographer Matt Nunez won the design contest for the front of the Colorado driver's license and photographer Garbiel Dupon won for the back design.

The front design artist, Matt Nunez, received 26,520 votes or 47.56% of the total for his Mount Sneffels entry.

The back design artist, Gabriel Dupon, received 19,989 votes or 35.85% of the total for his Sprague Lake entry.

Both photographers will receive a $500 grant each, from Colorado Creative Industries, which partnered with the DMV to help promote the contest.

Hidden Easter Eggs on the New Colorado Driver License

Initially, the new designs were set to premiere in the Fall of 2021, but a few changes needed to be made so that the latest security features could be included.

The new cards will be made with the most durable material said to be on the market, Polycarbonate. This will help the new cards last, but also prohibit counterfeiters from reproducing the document.

Colorado DMV
Colorado DMV

The licenses will be printed edge-to-edge on both sides with UV and visible inks and feature laser engraving, plus raised print on some information.

There will be a Pueblo chili pepper on the bottom right of your new license to symbolize "the best chili in the world."

In addition, all 64 counties in Colorado will be written in micro text on the back of the card.

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