The annual Cedaredge Applefest celebration is October 7 and 8, and here's a look at some of the featured artists at this year's celebration.

You'll find crafts, beer, wine, apples, and art at Applefest and a whole lot of great music. Every year, people come from miles around to bring the tiny community of Cedaredge to life.

Take a listen to some of the featured artists below and decide which day and time you want to be at this year's Applefest celebration.

  • 1

    Ken Gaines

    Saturday - 10:50am

    Ken is a singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas. His style is essentially folk, but he covers a wide variety of musical genres.

  • 2

    Kirby Kelley

    Saturday - 11:40am

    Kirby Kelley is based in Sherman, Texas and does the blues in a way you've probably never heard before on a variety of guitars.

  • 3

    Pat Hull

    Saturday - 12:30pm

    Pat Hull is a folk singer out of Chico, California. His voice - smooth and surprising with touches of indie folk/ rock stylings.

  • 4

    Bittersweet Highway

    Saturday - 1:20pm

    The music of Bittersweet Highway is indie/folk/rock/Americana/bluegrass.This duo hails from Jaroso, Colorado.

  • 5

    David Starr

    Saturday - 2:10pm

    David Starr is a local legend, and one quick listen is all it takes to know why he is such an audience favorite.

  • 6


    Saturday - 3:00pm

    Rare is from Cedaredge and they present an "eclectic blend" of artists and songs as well as original tunes.

  • 7

    Scones Summer of Love Show

    Saturday - 3:50

    The Scones are a Paonia, Colorado-based band, describing their music as "rockin' and rollin' Americana." They are sure to take you back to the 60s.

  • 8

    Erick Stucky

    Sunday - 10am

    Erik is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee specializing in mandolin and guitar.

  • 9

    The Shoeless Susies

    Sunday - 11:40an

    Female bluegrass might be the best way to describe their music. It's very easy to listen to.

  • 10

    North Fork Flyers

    Sunday - 12:30pm

    Here's some Paonia-style jazz, rock, pop, and blues - some fusion and a little Reggae.

  • 11

    Haden Gregg

    Sunday -1:20pm

    A "complete rock and roll experience" from one of Colorado's very own.

  • 12

    Ellen Stapenhorst

    Sunday - 2:10pm

    "Original, uplifting folk" is what you get from Ellen. Her song "Grand Junction" was featured on NPR's Car Talk.

  • 13

    Dana Cooper

    Sunday - 3:00pm

    Dana is a singer/songwriter doing folk and Americana to wrap up Applefest

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