A new brewery is opening in Grand Junction and will be the first brewery in this area of town. The new brewery, called Monumental Beer Works, will be on the Highway 6 & 50 corridor, at 2575 U.S. 6 & 50.

According to Brian Fischer, the co-owner of Monumental Beer Works, Colorado's craft beer industry is the second employer in our state -- second to the Denver International Airport. Opening Monumental Beer Works has been in the works for the past three years.

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The craft industry has grown a lot in the last few years, it's tripled since 2014 making it a $3 billion industry, according to KJCT. Not only will they have beer, but Monumental Beer Works is also working on creating wine beers, which makes sense considering the Grand Valley is like a mini Napa Valley.

Brian stated that people seek places with outdoor activities and craft beverages, so it seems like Monumental Beer Works is going to have both. According to Peter Campbell, a managing partner at Monumental Beer works, they're looking forward to collaborating with locals.

Not only are they using local resources for their building materials and brewing ingredients, Peter said 'local business is really what we want to collaborate with. Local artists are who we want to elevate.'

Although there's no official date for their grand opening, Monumental Beer Works is expecting to be open around the end of February, middle of March time frame. Cheers to more local businesses in the Grand Valley and another cheers to more Colorado craft beer.

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