The Beercat is a mobile bar that's been built onto a snowcat and is coming to Colorado this month. The Beercat is currently on a nationwide Beercat tour and will be making its way to Colorado to serve you beer on the slopes.

10 Barrel Brewing is the maker of the Beercat. 10 Barrel is based in Oregon and has locations in Denver and San Diego. This mobile bar-on-a-snowcat, the Beercat,is touring across the nation to from Oregon to California, to Colorado.

The Beercat was actually designed and built by a professional snowboarder and tiny house builder, Mike Basich, according to the Denver Post. The Beercat tour is making a stop at these three places in Colorado:

  1. March 15th - Aspen
  2. March 16-17th - Eldora
  3. March 20th - Silverton

You can grab a beer at the Beercat without ever wasting time away from the slopes. The Beercat is super efficient and it makes sense a professional snowboarder/tiny house builder made this.

If you grab a beer from the Beercat, make sure to take a picture because we want to see. Cheers to you Beercat for making the slopes of Colorado full of more fun and less wasted time.

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