The skeptics and conspiracy theorists will always be with us.

Whether you're talking about presidential assassinations, Elvis, whether the Earth is round, or landing on the moon, there will be a small group of people who take an opposing view, and the resulting discussion is like dropping a penny into a bottomless pit. It will never end, no matter how many facts may be shared.

The J.F.K. assassination was an inside job, the earth is flat, Elvis didn't die - and man didn't go the moon.

July 20, 2019, is the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing for mankind. It's a day that millions of Americans remember vividly. Others of us are too young to remember or weren't even born yet, but we have no trouble believing that it happened. I'm not sure when the validity and reality of the moon landing were called into question.

I'm not getting into all a discussion of whether we did or didn't land on the moon. I believe we did, and I feel that with 100% certainty. But, I brought the question up on Facebook and got some interesting response.

Here is what one of our skeptical Facebook followers had to say.

 "I think it was faked and filmed . Why are we not there right now IF we could fifty years ago? Just gifted a camper that is fifty years old, would NOT make it on reentry. Let alone the radiation on the moon. The russians questioned it, big time. IF they believe it, they aren't thinking it out very well, drinking the koolaid as they say."

That comment was met with the following responses from some non-skeptics.

Get a Grip Snowflakes!!!!!
& Alll the Other [sic]Sceptics!!!
So Ridiculous....Yes They Did.

And this one:

 Lol quit drinking the kool ade- it happened and those who don’t believe it are delusional


My point is this. Though we may see the sun in the sky, there will be those who will say it's not there. You can say the grass is green, and people will say it's not. You can say the water is wet, and the skeptics will disagree.

My best advice in some of these matters is simply to not have the conversation. It's not going to lead anywhere except to a pit of frustration. You see this on Facebook all the time - especially when it comes to politics. There are two very different sides, nobody is going to change anybody's mind about any of it, yet back and forth and back and forth it goes. I've yet to see someone say, "oh, yeah, you are so right. I was wrong."

Getting to the moon was a great accomplishment and it's worth celebrating. What's not worth the effort is trying to convince the skeptics that it truly happened. But, just in case you're interested, Live Science offers some explanation of why the moon landing could not have been faked.

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