A significant increase in the number of burglaries over the last two months has Montrose law enforcement agencies concerned.

The Montrose County Sheriff's Office says the number of burglaries over the last several months has been on the rise, but have become especially troublesome the last couple of months.

The burglaries aren't concentrated in one area around Montrose making it difficult for authorities to investigate and increase patrols in a specific area.

Common items stolen in the burglaries include firearms, tools and strangely, antlers.

The Montrose Sheriff's Office advises residents keep their cars, homes, and outbuildings locked.

They are also requesting that residents be alert for suspicious activity in their neighborhood and report it to the Montrose County Sherrif's Office at 970-252-4010.

Anyone who may have information about the suspect(s) in these burglaries or the items stolen are asked to contact the Sheriff's Office or make an anonymous report to Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers at 970-249-8500.

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