I will admit that I was never good at figuring out physics. But, I would argue that even a scientist would be impressed by new video that shows a monster moose managing to fit his huge antler rack through a fence gate.

It's no shocker that this happened in Anchorage, Alaska. A family grabbed their camera when they found a huge moose in their backyard. They were concerned that the animal would be trapped as there was only a small fence gate, but the moose proved their concern unnecessary when he masterfully angled himself to navigate back to freedom.

If you look up moose facts on Wikipedia, you'll see that it's not unusual for an adult moose to have an antler rack that spans more than 6 feet. When you consider this fence opening was only a couple feet wide, this bull deserves some extra credit for maneuvering.

It might also surprise you to know that moose are responsible for more injuries to humans than bears as How Stuff Works documents. No, they don't have huge fangs or claws like bears, but their population makes them more likely to encounter humans than bears. Either way, you don't want to try and coax a moose out of your yard if you find one as big as this large guy. When in doubt, let Bullwinkle do what he wants.

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