The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has been asked several times recently what is a sanctuary county and is Mesa County one of them? Here's the answer.

The question has come up more frequently because of President Donald Trump's recent executive orders regarding immigration, news reports, and confusion about how to interpret information available online from sites like the Center for Immigration Studies, which may lead people to believe Mesa County is a sanctuary county.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says the term 'Sanctuary County' implies the county doesn't share information with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) or allow them to house those arrested in the County Detention Facility.

Under that definition, Mesa County is not a sanctuary county. The Sheriff's Office policy, revised in 2014, holds ICE to the same constitutional standard every state and federal agency is required to meet, however.

The Sheriff's Office policy requires them to notify ICE when a person booked into jail is foreign born. The policy also notifies ICE prior to an inmate's release that allows them to conduct their own investigation.

While the policy does not make Mesa County a sanctuary county, it does ensure there are procedures and policies in place that recognize an inmate's rights under the constitution and follows local, state, and federal laws.

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