A man from Illinois was stopped on I-70 on Sunday for traveling in the left lane without passing.

When they pulled the man over and did a little checking, they found that his car had been spotted numerous times in the area over the last several months as well as in California.

Eugene Zilberman told the sheriff he was traveling to Las Vegas but the officer noticed there weren't any clothes or bags packed, which was suspicious enough, so the deputy asked permission to search the vehicle, which was granted.

In the trunk of the vehicle, the deputy found a secret compartment and once he got it open, he found vacuum-sealed bundles of cash that totaled $1 million. A drug-sniffing dog identified drug residue on the bundles and Zilberman was arrested.

The initial charge he was booked under is for money laundering. Zilberman was pulled over near mile marker 10 in Mesa County.

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