A Colorado woman has seemingly vanished since her frantic 911 call to authorities call more than 10 days ago.

Colorado Woman Missing Since February 13

Melinda Tafoya-Deltoro has not been heard from since the afternoon of February 13 when she placed a 911 call saying she was stuck in the snow in the mountains. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the woman was possibly under duress at the time of the call.

Authorities Find Missing Woman's Vehicle

Clear Creek County deputies responded to the call and found the woman's vehicle in the Miner's Candle area about 7 miles west of Idaho Springs. An extensive search of the area turned up empty as deputies were unable to locate Tafoya-Deltoro.

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Google Maps

The woman's family told KDVR she doesn't snowboard or ski - and they don't know why she was in the Idaho Springs area.

Right now, there are still a lot of questions and not many answers. Did Melinda get lost in the snow? Was she taken from the area under duress? Did she leave the area on her own?

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The Search For Melinda

Authorities are asking for the public's help in locating the missing woman - in the event she left the area, possibly against her will.

Melinda Tafoya-Deltoro is 38-years-old, Hispanic, 5' 02", 160 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes, and a very distinct tattoo on her neck.

Anyone with information about the missing woman should call 911 or contact Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office at 303-679-2354 or email crime_tips@clearcreeksheriff.us.

Prayers For Melinda and the Family

It has been a heart-wrenching several days for Melinda's family, which continues to hold out hope for a positive outcome. One thing all Coloradans can do right now is to pray for the family and for Melinda.

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