This seems bizarre or perhaps macabre, but the Mesa County Sheriff's Office has an urn containing cremated remains and no idea who they are or the family they belong to.


On the surface, this may seem morbid. But in your heart, you have to feel empathy for the person and family these remains belong to.

They've had to deal not only with the death of a loved one but the additional sorrow and pain of the theft of the urn containing that loved one's cremains.


The Sheriff's Office describes the vessel as a small decorative Keepsake Urn that was in a velvet blue box.

Urn Box

The urn was among items recovered on November 3, 2016. Deputies believe the urn was stolen, possibly from a vehicle, in October or November.

If you have any information that would help the Mesa County Sheriff's Office locate and return the remains to their family you are asked to call them at 970-242-6707.


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