The Mesa County Sheriff's Office now knows the full story behind a Keepsake Urn they discovered among stolen property.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office

On Monday (February 13), The Sheriff's Office asked for help identifying the remains and the owner of the small Keepsake Urn and the velvet box it was stored in.

Because the velvet box didn't contain any personal information, they decided to ask for help from the community.

That help came quickly and now we know the story of the Keepsake Urn. The owner, 21-year-old Sara O, says the urn containing her father's ashes was stolen from the center console of her car while she was moving in November 2016.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office

She had given up hope of ever seeing it again until some friends saw information the Urn was one of a number of pieces of stolen property recovered by the Sheriff's Office November 3, 2016.

Sara has now been reunited with her father's remains and the Sheriff's Department is both honored and thankful for the community's help solving this mystery.