When you're a member of Mesa County Search and Rescue, you never know when or where the next rescue will come from. In this case, it was Mount Garfield.

Anyone who's hiked up the face of Mount Garfield knows it isn't for people who fear heights, novice hikers or people who aren't in good physical condition.

Even if you're a decent hiker, it's still possible to be injured badly enough you can't get back down on your own.

That's what happened on Saturday near the top of the trail. So, Mesa County Search and Rescue (MCSAR) stepped in to help. On average, the ground team is involved in 55-60 rescues a year. That's just a little over one rescue a week.

For me, it's hard enough to get myself up and down the trail. Taking responsibility for getting me and someone else off the face of Mount Garfield would likely end up with MCSAR having to rescue two people.

There are some things best left to professionals and this is absolutely one of those times. While we don't generally think about them until they're needed, it's sure nice to have them around, just in case.

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