You were probably going to anyway, but now you should definitely plan to eat meat on Saturday.

The Mesa County Board of Commissioners has proclaimed Saturday, March 20 as Meat-In Day in Mesa County. It's a day to recognize the importance of meat producers in Mesa County and encourage residents to support livestock producers.

Governor Jared Polis Says Don't Eat Meat For A Day

Last month, Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared March 20 as Meat Out Day in Colorado and encouraged residents to avoid eating animal products for 24 hours. The response to the governor's proclamation has been widespread.

The state of Nebraska countered with their own proclamation this week, declaring Saturday as 'Meat On the Menu Day.' The governor of Nebraska encouraged his state's residence to eat meat and called Polis's 'Meat Out Day' a "direct attack on our way of life."

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Mesa County Responds

Meanwhile, some Colorado communities are countering the governor's proclamation with their own. Weld County, the state's leader in agricultural products, declared Saturday as "Ranching, Livestock and Meat-IN Day." Now, Mesa County is joining in.

The Mesa County proclamation is simply a way of expressing support for the county's agriculture, meat production, and local restaurants.

 The Board of Mesa County Commissioners hereby proclaims March 20, 2021, as Meat-In Day in Mesa County and encourages citizens to support livestock producers and recognize the importance of meat producers in Mesa County.


The Mesa County Commissioners point to the fact that meat production in Mesa County is part of a $3.4 billion industry in Colorado and the importance of livestock communities.

The Bottom Line

It's one, single, solitary day, and in reality, it doesn't matter whether you eat meat on Saturday or not. Regardless of our own personal feelings about meat, I'm pretty sure we all can agree on the benefits of eating some plant-based proteins as well as the importance of meat in regards to the Colorado economy whether it's farmers, livestock producers, the restaurants that serve meat, and the grocery stores that sell it.

My best estimate is that 99.2% of the people I know are carnivorous and are probably wondering why we needed one day on the calendar where nobody is supposed to eat meat. Those who don't include meat in their daily diet have found a lifestyle that works for them and that's great.

Personally, I am with the Mesa County Commissioners on this one and appreciate their symbolic Meat-In declaration. I'm grateful for all of the people in our state who have any part in getting meat on my table. I'm not a soothsayer or fortune-teller, so I can't say exactly what type of meat I will be eating on Saturday, but I'm nearly 100% positive that at some point in the day there will be meat.


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