Whether you agree with his decision or not Governor Jared Polis of Colorado has declared this Saturday, March 20th as "Meatout" Day in Colorado. He is encouraging all Coloradans to eat plant-based proteins for one day. As you would expect this kind of decision has come with a lot of backlash and now even the Governor of Nebraska is speaking out against the "Meatout" day.

It was CBS 4 who released details on the "Meatout" day weeks ago when Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg spoke out regarding the event saying,

"We can't have leadership in this state throw the number two industry in this state under the bus... that's unacceptable."

What Did the Nebraska Governor Say About "Meatout Day" in Colorado

Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska was not impressed by Governor Polis's decision and has now decided to make Saturday, March 20th in Nebraska as "Meat on the Menu Day". Which encourages Nebraska residents to eat meat. He also said that "Meatout Day" is a

"Direct attack on our way of life".

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What Do You Think About "Meatout Day" in Colorado?

Whether you love meat or don't, enjoy plant-based proteins or don't, you have a decision to make this upcoming weekend regarding what food you're going to consume on Saturday. And all of a sudden it seems like a far bigger decision than any other weekend.

There could be health benefits or environmental benefits but regardless I love eating meat so I will have to pass on this elected day to miss out on meat products. But if you're going to take part in "Meatout Day" more power to you.

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