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A Colorado town is officially speaking out against Governor Jared Polis.

KKTV reports the town of Monument, just north of Colorado Springs, has passed a resolution declaring the governor's response to the COVID-19 pandemic unconstitutional. On Monday, the Board of Trustees unanimously passed the resolution.

The resolution states in part:

The town of Monument will not abide by any executive orders limiting attendance of and free speech at public meetings within the town. The Board of Trustees does not support COVID restrictions that would shut down businesses in the town of Monument. The Board of Trustees calls upon each business to be responsible in evaluating their own establishment and their capacity to safely accept patrons.

It remains to be seen what the governor's response, if any, will be to Monument's resolution, or if other towns in Colorado will follow suit.

Many small businesses and restaurants have surely been hard hit by the pandemic, seeing profits sharply curtailed and, in some cases, businesses that have been forced to close for good.

There's no question this is has been a slippery slope, not only for Governor Polis but, also for municipalities and public health officials. Efforts have been made to try and keep the pandemic under control to save lives as well as to try and prevent massive outbreaks resulting in widespread shutdowns and further restrictions of businesses.  Unfortunately, there have been casualties in this process.

It feels like to me it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Businesses should be open and as much as possible while implementing safe social distancing practices and mask-wearing. And, the general public needs to help as well with their compliance and by staying home when they are sick. There's not a single preventative measure that is going to be 100% fool-proof against spreading or contracting the virus, but the more precautions we take, the better our chances of staying healthy. The healthier we stay, the more likely it is businesses will be able to stay in business - and get back to making the profit they need and deserve.

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