Crime Stoppers of Mesa County has been helping solve crimes in Mesa County for decades. And this year they have gained not one, not two, but three national awards recognizing the outstanding service they bring to the community.

To be nationally recognized in anything is a feat unto itself, but to be recognized on a national scale for the work being done to help reduce crime is impressive indeed.

Community Initiative Award

Mesa County Crimestoppers Garners National Awards

Mesa County Crime Stoppers joined with Colorado Mesa University to create the Mav for a Day program. This allows the youth in the community to be a CMU athlete for a day, during which they engage with the coaches and athletes and sit on the bench for a game. In order to qualify, they enter into a raffle, the proceeds from which go to fund four scholarships for CMU's Criminal Justice Program. CMU's athletic department, coaches and players were all happy to share a game day experience with the youth. What an excellent program!

Print Media Award: CWOA

Locally owned and operated, Colorado West Outdoor Advertising is an outdoor billboard company that have helped raise awareness about Crime Stoppers, and the fund raising  through bus stop advertising and billboards across the region, all while not passing the cost along to Crime Stoppers. The efforts of Crime Stoppers would be severely limited without the support of CWOA.

Crime Stoppers USA Board Member of the Year-Kathy Daniels

kathy daniels 2

A true force behind so much with Crime Stoppers, Kathy Daniels has been involved with Crime Stoppers since 1994 and has chaired numerous committees and has been an unquestioned champion for Crime Stoppers. Many of the ideas used by the organization, such as the nationally recognized Mav for a Day, were the brainchild of Kathy Daniels. Kathy is a true and real benefit to this community, and the recognition she, and Crime Stoppers have received is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all of these wonderful professionals.


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