Here is your challenge for the day.

Who is the person in this photo? Is it a man or a woman? Do you recognize the red bandana?

This one is extra challenging for two reasons. One reason it's difficult is because the surveillance photo is not very good to begin with. Like a lot of Grand Junction stores, this business clearly needs some better surveillance equipment. Secondly, the person is wearing a mask - just like thousands of other Mesa County residents, making facial recognition pretty much impossible.

Nonetheless, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office is hoping the public can help identify this person who was shopping at Murdoch's in Clifton on May 6 around 10:00 am. Though the authorities don't specify the nature of the crime, we assume this person left the store with merchandise that wasn't paid for.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Mesa County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

The suspect in this case was wearing a black jacket, baseball cap, and a red bandana face mask. While we can't clearly see the face, we do get a decent look at the getaway vehicle.  It's a big, red Dodge pickup. Maybe there's one like it in your neighborhood. Is the person driving it wearing a red facial mask?

It's not much to go on but it's worth a shot to put it out there and see if someone might recognize this person or their vehicle. If you have any information you can contact Mesa County Crime Stoppers and reference case # 20-12399.

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