The sign outside the door may not say it, but the fact is iguanas are not allowed in a court of law. A man tried to smuggle the long-tailed lizard into a Colorado courtroom, but  the image of the iguana was captured on the courthouse x-ray machine.

You might expect someone to try and smuggle a gun or knife into a courthouse, but this may be a first -a man trying to sneak a live iguana into court.

According to a report from UPI, authorities in Boulder say people have tried to smuggle in dogs, cats, and mice - but this is their first lizard.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Department tweeted:

At the Justice Center only service animals are allowed. No iguanas...even if it goes through the X-ray machine

The man who had brought the pet iguana was apparently there with friends and proceeded to simply wait for them outside the courthouse with the lizard in hand.

There may be a new sign going up at the courthouse - "No pets, no guns, no knives - and no lizards!"