Let's face it, finding a decent job is a challenge.

So why not take a shot at helping clear all of that snow off our roads by getting a job as a snowplow driver?

The Colorado Department of Transportation is looking to hire more than 100 snowplow drivers for this winter and, while the positions are temporary, the pay is pretty decent.

CDOT is paying temporary plow drivers $23 an hour to clear the snow away for the winter. If you're a retired CDOT worker, they will pay $25 an hour or whatever amount you were making when you retired.

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Now here's an interesting side note. Due to the demand, CDOT is allowed to hire drivers from anywhere in the country. So if you want to make a good wage for the winter, have a CDL and are ready, talk to CDOT and get the process started.

A new law passed will make the job that much safer, as well. Passing snow plows that are operating in tandem is illegal. All the more reason to apply.

Good luck!

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