Travelers on I-70 will experience delays and slowdowns while CDOT tries to reduce the threat of another rockslide in the area around Idaho Springs.

During the snowstorm last week, many rocks came loose causing a rockslide in the area. In an attempt to keep it from occurring again, CDOT will be spending time in the area performing scaling and blasting operations.

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CDOT had initially planned to do it in 2020. Due to a large amount of early snow, they moved the timetable up.

The project began yesterday (December 5) and will most likely last through December. Work began at mile marker 239 and will continue through this week and into next week. Crews will also head to Dumont so scale and drill the rock face to keep another rockslide from occurring.

Before you take to the highway, make sure you check road conditions and be sure to sign up for travel alerts as well.

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