Father's Day is coming up this weekend and I'm prepared for it. From a hand made fly fishing fly to a painting of greenback cutthroat trout, look at what I got my dad for Father's Day from Grand Junction.

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    Greenback Cutthroat Trout Card

    I love drawing and painting and have trying to do more of it lately. I picked this picture of a greenback cutthroat trout to make my Father's Day card because I love this fish. I'd love to catch one and maybe if I paint it, I'll catch it.

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    Handmade Fishing Fly

    I learned how to tie a fly recently and I thought to myself, there's literally nothing better I could do with this, than send it to my dad. He'd really appreciate it and find it sentimental -- considering he taught me how to fish.

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    Trout Mountain Hat

    I feel like this hat is very Colorado-esque with the mountains inside of the fish. My dad goes fishing a lot so we'll definitely use this trout mountain hat a lot.

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    Fish Stickers On Deck

    Western Anglers hooked me up so many stickers, i had to share the love. I especially had to give my dad a carp sticker because that's the kind of fish I've been fishing for lately. I also wanted to remind him to come slay some carp with me here in Colorado.

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