Despite another attempt in the Colorado legislature, the idea of marijuana social clubs in the state is still just a fantasy.

A Colorado Senate committee voted 6-1 to reject a proposal to establish a marijuana consumption club license which would allow the consumption of pot in a specified public space.

Though it is not legal, there are a number of unlicensed cannabis clubs in Colorado. It's still against the law to consume pot in a public place. It seems likely that final say will be left up to municipalities to decide what they will or won't allow.

Smoking cigarettes has largely been banned in enclosed public places, and it seems reasonable to expect public marijuana consumption to follow the same path. However, with the proliferation of pot shops in Colorado and a growing public acceptance of marijuana use, it also seems probable that cannabis clubs will eventually become the norm of the future.

The regulation of marijuana in regards to both its use and its sale continues to present challenges to state government as well as local municipalities, but it's a battle that is not going away any time soon.

Another bill of interest to the marijuana using community is still alive in the Colorado legislature. A bill that would allow marijuana 'tasting' rooms heads to the House Appropriations Committee on Friday.

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