Over the past few months life has changed due to the Coronavirus and pandemic. Which has shifted our way of thinking in some aspects. One of them being how essential stay at home parents are. With schools being out and more parents playing the teacher/parent role we are all realizing how difficult it is to juggle all of life's obstacles with kids running around.

I thought that the photo that Thomas Rhett shared was just perfect highlighting his wife Lauren as 'A Hero' on his Instagram account. Most women would not share this photo online as she has her daughter (Ada James) in her arms, throw up rolling down her shirt, and torn sweat pants. But it shows just how real this celebrity family is, and how amazing moms are.

On top of being a great mother, wife, and hero for her family she finishes all of these tasks while wearing an exceptional shirt that says Telluride, Colorado. Which makes her even more of a hero here in Colorado.

To all parents that have stepped up over the past few months you really are heroes. Taking on new roles and tasks as we all navigate this unusual time is difficult but we see so many parents doing what they need to keep their families happy and healthy. Hopefully, more people start this trend like Thomas Rhett and share pictures of the heroes in their family online. Because we all know someone in our family who is working hard and deserves some recognition.

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