My kids are out for summer vacation. Now I have to make sure they don't get bored. So, I thought why not take them to some of the places around Grand Junction that are kid-friendly. A couple of the places on here I know are good because both of my daughters love going there.

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens - Grand Junction

We are going to start off with the Botanical Gardens of Western Colorado. This is a wonderful place to go for kids of any age. The butterfly house will make sure that your kids stay interested. As a dad, it sure kept my interest. It is a relaxing place that you and the kids will enjoy and also learn about plants and insects.

Spin City - Grand Junction

Spin City in Grand Junction is the place to go for roller skating. I am not very good at it but both of my daughters love to skate. So every once in awhile I will try and join them but it never works out for me. Plus there is so much else to do here. They always seem to have a smile on their faces when we end up leaving.

Cross Orchards Historical Site - Grand Junction

Cross Orchards gives your kids a look back into what the Valley use to be and how it grew. I came here when I was in the third grade on a field trip. You also get to eat some of the best apples you have ever tasted. You will learn about Grand Junction and have some fun while doing it.

Get Air at the  Silo - Grand Junction

Get Air at the Silo is my personal favorite because it is the one place the kids and I can be ninjas. If you and the kids haven't been here then you need to go. This place is so much fun even I could stay here all day. This is a guarantee taking your kids home exhausted place. It also lets you feel like you are a kid again.

Dinosaur Journey - Fruita

This one finishes off the list because it is the most known. Dinosaur Journey in Fruita is one of the coolest places ever. It shows you what type of dinosaurs lived in Colorado. They have several different exhibits and every once in awhile get a new exhibit that comes through. This place will keep your kids attention because what kid doesn't like dinosaurs? Trust me your kids will have a blast.

My kids and I are going to be heading out to a few of these. Hope to see you there!

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