John Mayer has a love affair with Grand Junction's own Enstrom Toffee.

On Wednesday, Mayer posted a hilarious video about his love for Enstrom's own deliciousness. His stated plan was to "eat one piece and throw the rest away", but as anyone who has eaten Enstrom's Toffee, this is an impossible task.

Mayer, in the song quickly realizes this and keeps eating it, even throwing it into the trash before eating it out of the trash.

Realizing he was going to eat it all anyway, he finishes the ode to Enstrom's Toffee by consuming it all and getting on the treadmill.

The Grand Junction-based toffee maker had no idea this was going to happen but are overjoyed he loves it so much he sang about it and posted a video to prove his love for it.

As we who love the delicious toffee made by Enstrom could have told Mr. Mayer, there is no way you can just "eat one and throw the rest away."

Now John Mayer knows it too. Have fun on that treadmill, boss!

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