A couple of the loudest states in America are California and Texas. People from those states love telling others where they are from. It's not that Coloradans are not proud, we're just not stupid. We tend to know that drawing attention to our state is just going to make more weirdos move to Colorado.

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In 2023, Census data shows that 19,167 new residents moved here. Some would say, that's way too many. This is why some Coloradans tend to tell visitors that it's always cold and snowy here, that bears constantly attack, and that Sasquatch can and will steal your car at the trailhead parking area.

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True Locals Can Be Hard To Find

A couple of years ago, KDVR posted a story showing that only around 42% of Colorado residents were born in the Centennial State. Perhaps even more unexpected is that one in ten Colorado residents was born in a foreign country. Western Slope residents tend to be the purebloods, while the Front Range lets anyone in.

Nobody's Perfect

While people in Colorado come from all walks of life, nobody is perfect. It's one of the worst states for having a history of Government corruption, the cost of living is out of control, and instead of making it easier to traverse the state, Colorado often can be its own worst enemy when it comes to infrastructure, roads and bridges. What is perfect is the natural beauty of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. If only we could keep them a secret, right?

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Colorado's Unspoken Rules

With all of the people coming and going in Colorado, it may help to know what some of the unspoken rules are for living in the Centennial State. We would love to help with this by directing you to scroll through ten unspoken rules in the photo gallery below.

10 Unspoken Rules About Colorado That Newbies Should Know

Americans are constantly moving to the state of Colorado. In 2023, Census data shows an additional 19,167 residents came to the Centennial State. Some of them struggle to adjust to the ways of the Rocky Mountain people, while others easily adjust because they read and abide by our unspoken rules.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

KEEP GOING: 22 Unwritten Colorado Rules That All Centennial Staters Know

There are a handful of "rules" you need to know before settling down in Colorado. These are rarely discussed in public. For the most part, they are simply known. Some are quirky, others a bit fussy. Put simply, there are things one needs to know when living in a geographically large state with high elevations, drastic temperature changes, and no tolerance for traffic.

Here's a quick look at 22 "unwritten rules" we live by in Colorado, courtesy of Ranker and Only In Your State.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

FEEL BETTER: 15 Lies Coloradans Tell Ourselves Because It Helps Us Feel Better

Colorado is just as guilty as any other state. We tell little white lies when it makes us feel better about something we don't like. Can you think of a lie that Coloradans tell themselves? We asked this question on our mobile app and have focused on the top fifteen answers in the gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams