Now I remember why I was so anxious for the arrival of spring.

You might think the reason I've been so anxious for spring is so I can get out and play some golf, but the real reason is because it's the car show season.

The first car show I'm aware of is March 30 at the Amphitheatre at Las Colonias Park. It's the Cesar Chavez Celebration Car Show, hosted by the Wheels West Car Club from 3pm-6pm.

The second card show of the season happens April 6 from 9am-2pm at the Redlands Safeway on Broadway. It's called Show & Shine and is also hosted by the Wheels West Car Club.

I can't really explain why we all love car shows so much. There is just something about looking at these shiny classic cars that makes us feel good. Of course, I think the car owners get as much enjoyment out of displaying their vehicles as we get from looking at them.

There will be plenty of car shows to come over the next several months, but it's time to get the ball rolling and get the season started. Car owners - shine your engines!

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