Everyone probably has memories of playing in a sandbox, but today's kids have a chance to play in Colorado's biggest sandbox.

Imagine 40 tons of sand plus lots of large toy trucks, tractors, conveyors, and diggers. You will find it at Kids Dig in Denver.

The sandbox is 825 square feet and it's filled with sand and toys. There is even a smaller sand area for younger kids who aren't yet potty-trained. You might want to be a little careful when you start digging there, however.

I remember playing in the sandbox years ago - many years ago- and I know that my brother and I always enjoyed it, but I'm not exactly sure why. We had big Tonka trucks, shovels, and buckets, and I remember how hot the sand was on a sunny summer day.

The nice thing about Kids Dig, no sun, no burning hot sand. They even do birthday parties there.

I have wondered if kids today still play in the sand, and apparently, they do!

You'll find Kids Dig at 8601 West Cross Drive in Littleton.

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