Colorado residents don't dig it when drivers park their cars blocking the crosswalk. Is this the classiest thing you've read all day?

One western Colorado resident returned to their vehicle to discover this note on their windshield. Don't drag Stevie Wonder into this! I checked Stevie Wonder's biography, and nowhere does it list "Driver Education Instructor."

The recipient of the note states the snow cover on the road prevented him from seeing the crosswalk. It seems the person leaving the note didn't sympathize.

Would you leave a note such as this? There is a thing called "benefit of the doubt." One could be cynical and assume the driver didn't care they were blocking the crosswalk. The driver's claim they didn't know about the crosswalk and couldn't see it for the snow could be legitimate.

For the record, I am not the driver in question. They asked to remain anonymous.

In case you are wondering, the recipient of the note didn't get their feelings hurt. Just the opposite. The recipient posted this to social media for all the world to see.

Perhaps this note should serve as a reminder to each of us to keep an eye out when parking. I can't help but think this was an innocent mistake.

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